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Welcome to the Live Journal community for The After Party!

We have a lot of great late night shows going on right now on Saturdays...

Up this weekend (April 17th) is Mr. Fancypants and their Wheel of Forms! The Wheel is thing of beauty - and sometimes has a mind of its own. Last month the Pants performed a Blue La Ronde, their signature form - the Knick Knack, as well as the aptly named After Party. Here's to hoping that the Wheel lands on the Hulk Harold this time around... $5 buys you all the hilarity you can handle. Doors open at midnight @ The Playground Theater (3209 N. Halsted) - show starts soon after. As always, the After Party is BYOB.

Next weekend (April 24th) is an all new Belmont Burlesque Revue. Jack Midnight and the Belmont Bombshells are joined this month by special guests Michelle "Toots" L'Amour of the Lavendar Cabaret; the amazing Tomas; the Belle of Boystown, Madame X; and our favorite babe with blades, Lola Montero.

Come party with us!
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